What is Vision 2020?

Dr. Ibilola Amao
Consultant, Vision 2020
Youth Empowerment and Restoration Initiative

The “Vision 2020: Youth Empowerment and Restoration Initiative” is a youth and national development initiative of Lonadek Nigeria Limited.

Motivation for Vision 2020: Youth Empowerment & Restoration Initiative (YERI):

"In 2005, we were contracted by a multinational to employ some Nigerians for their fabrication yard in Port Harcourt. Out of over a thousand CVs, we shortlisted over a 100; we set tests and assessments for them and then shortlisted about 20 for interviews conducted over a period of 3 days. I sat in the room with expatriates from Milan, Paris, Port Harcourt fabrication yard and Lagos Office and was totally embarrassed by Nigerians answering questions in a very disgraceful manner. These were intelligent people who had passed the assessment but anytime questions were thrown at them that required them to think outside the box or apply the knowledge they had in a skilled manner they totally failed. I realized there was something wrong with our educational system in Nigeria. I thought perhaps there’s not enough practical, creative thinking and reasoning, field work or course work involved in the 400/500 level studies hence we end up with engineers who are unable to solve problems that are presented to them other than theoretically. So that’s what really led us into thinking about trying to solve the problem with our educational system.”
- Dr. Ibilola Amao, Project Consultant.

To see Nigeria become one of the top 20 countries by the year 2020 and utilize accelerated development programmes to ensure that restive energy is converted to constructive energy.

To empower youths and prepare them for a fulfilling and rewarding career ahead. To add value to the Nigerian economy through the “catch-them-young” strategy of reaching out to the grassroots for promising students who can drive Nigeria into a position of dominance in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by year 2020 and beyond.


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Who are we?

The Vision 2020 Youth Empowerment and Restoration Initiative (YERI) is a non- for profit youth and national development initiative established in 2006 with the aim to empower 100, 000 Nigerian youth in Senior secondary School 1 – 3, year 1 and 2 undergraduates of institution of higher learning by the Year 2020. YERI has empowered 78,952 thousands youth through our “catch them young” initiative programmes namely:

  • Career Counselling and Industry Awareness Workshops
  • Young Transformer /Innovators Science Project Competitions
  • One Week Summer Retreats
  • Oil & Gas Facility Visits
  • Annual Essay Competitions


An average Nigerian youth engages in social vices that adversely affect their educational career, self-development, realisation of their innate talents and socio-economic transformation of the country. The remote causes are not farfetched. Extreme poverty, poor standard of education and education facilities, peer pressure and societal influence, lack of educational guidance and career counselling at the early stage and complacency on the part of the youths are the contending factors impeding our collective national growth and development.

The YERI targets students in Senior Secondary School 1 – 3 and year 1 and 2 undergraduates of tertiary institutions that are pursing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related subjects and courses, respectively. Having identified the issues that underscored the slow progress of youth development in STEM and national development by extension, the YERI model offers a life line to the underprivileged youths through:
  • Counselling and Industry Awareness Workshops in major cities across Nigeria. Students have access to educational materials such as notebooks, mathematical sets, career technical and non - technical handbooks, graph book, pens and bags, watch documentaries on various key job positions that require the application of skills developed through education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).The forum offer the participating youths opportunity to listen to Industry professionals deliver presentations relating to activities within high technology industries; students learn about the variety of career paths available in the industry and the pre-requisite qualifications for these jobs.
  • Young Transformer and Innovators (YTI) or Junior Engineers, Technologists and Scientists (JETS) Science Project Competitions: This competition exposes the striking abilities of enterprising, vibrant, talented and creative students who are passionate about transforming their immediate communities and the world at large through scientific and technological innovations and developments. The best projects are selected from various secondary schools in Nigeria. These youths are meant to work on their project for six months under strict mentoring and coaching for them to come up with potent solutions that can lead to societal transformation. These projects are then showcased during Career Industry Awareness Workshop. The three (3) best projects are given cash award and plaques. Usually, some of the best projects are created by members of JETS Clubs.
  • Summer Retreats Program: The one week summer retreat camp is focused on career and leadership programmes for 45 selected Senior Secondary School 1- 3 students based on their academic performance during the assessment organised by YERI to help them make important decisions on their career choice. The retreat is free to the students and offer boarding, sports activities, field trips to Oil and Gas facilities and class based teaching on STEM with integrated entrepreneurial themes.
  • Annual Essay Competition: The program is geared towards encouraging and nurturing the creative writing and communication skills of young people. Writing and communication is key to professional and career development ; hence the major reason why the competition has become age long tradition of YERI. The best three write-ups are awarded and such essay is displayed in the YERI newsletter.

Vision2020 Club

About Vision2020 Club

The Vision 2020 Club is intended for young supporters of the Vision 2020 initiative. The membership includes SS1 to SS3 students, Year 1 and 2 polytechnic... Read more

Young Transformers & Innovators

The Young Transformers/Innovators is a community of young enterprising, vibrate, creative and talented students who are passionate about transforming their ...

Do You Know That?

Oil is formed from the remains of tiny plants and animals (plankton) that died in ancient seas between 10 million and 600 million years ago.

Vision 2020 Club

What is Vision 2020 Club?

The Vision 2020 Club is intended for young supporters of the Vision 2020 initiative. The supporters include Senior Secondary School Students 1 to 3 and Year 1 and 2 polytechnic and university students. However, all young people intending to pursue a career in the Oil and Gas industry are welcome to join.

The Vision 2020: Youth Empowerment and Restoration Initiative is born out of a conviction of Lonadek Nigeria Limited to fill a gap in awareness creation, career counseling vis-à-vis oil and gas opportunities.

Benefits of a Vision 2020 Club Member:

  • Information Sharing Network through web group
  • Competitions
  • Discounts on ICDL (International Computer Drivers License) Training after WAEC or NECO examination (for Secondary School Students only)
  • Scholarship on ICDL (International Computer Drivers License) for winners of various competitions
  • Invitation to Vision 2020 events
  • Free e-mail account
  • Job Opportunities for graduates
  • Industrial Attachment/SIWESS training for Undergraduates

Young Transformers/Innovators Programme

The Young Transformers/Innovators is a community of young enterprising, vibrate, creative and talented students who are passionate about transforming their immediate communities and the world at large through scientific and technological innovations and development.

The YTI program aim to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in secondary schools by mobilizing talents from state and private schools in Nigeria. It create a platform for developing the next generation of creative and innovative thinkers by turning ideas into reality.

To be a part of YTI and showcase your talents, download the YTI Participation form, fill and forward it to Vision 2020 Youth Empowerment and Restoration Initiative.

Only shortlisted participants will be contacted. Qualified participants will be invited for mentoring and coaching at our Summer Camp Retreat while the top three (3) entries will be showcased and awarded at our annual Career Counselling and Industrial Awareness Workshop.

Prospective participants have a maximum of six (6) months to put their projects together for submission and review.
For more information please contact:

The Project Manager,
Vision 2020
12, Jibowu Street, Yaba, Lagos
Email: info@vision2020-ng.org
Tel: +234-703-661-8038, +234-1-872-0457

Do You Know That?

Oil is formed from the remains of tiny plants and animals (plankton) that died in ancient seas between 10 million and 600 million years ago.

The main difference between oil and gas is the size of the hydrocarbon molecules. The molecules in natural gas have one to four carbon atoms while the molecules of crude oil may have as many as 60 carbon atoms!

Light Crude oil is regarded as the best type of crude oil because it can be more easily refined.

One barrel of crude oil, when refined, produces about 20 gallons of finished motor gasoline (petrol), and 7 gallons of diesel, as well as other petroleum products.

Effective Examination Tips

You can learn so many things as your teacher explains than when you are less attentive.
Always revise what you have done for the day. It helps to have a clear understanding of the subject taught.
Don't keep your problems to yourself whatever topic you don't understand should be addressed immediately.
Have time for relaxation. Remember all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.
To succeed in life you need you need organisation and focus.
Have time for relaxation. Remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Role Model Initiative

The Role Model initiative involves collaboration with CEOs, professionals, vocationals and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated commitment & excellence in their chosen career and can act as role models to Youths and SS1-3 students in secondary school in Lagos and its environs.

The qualities required in the role models include; Integrity, Diligence, Honesty, Dignity and Exemplary Conduct. The Role Models shall be expected to make a commitment to visit Government secondary schools close to their offices or Residence at least once each term to interact with the students thus motivating and inspiring them to excel. Students are expected to learn about the various career paths available in different industries and pre-requisite qualifications for jobs that may interest them. Through mentoring, coaching, guidance & counseling, the students will be empowered with information and leadership skills such as Time Management, Team Work etc.

In addition to the once a term interactive forum, role models will maintain continued communication, and respond to questions that students may have in any challenging areas that relate to their education and future careers.. The ultimate aim of the CEO Role model initiative is to bridge the gap between Education & Empowerment so that national transformation will result through Human Capital Development.

The primary objectives of this programme are to:

  • Students are enlightened on the opportunities available and the pre-requisite required to function as professionals, vocationals and entrepreneurs in their chosen fields.
  • Stimulate the minds of our youths such that they transform Nigeria from a consumer nation to a high–technology producer and manufacturer export nation.
  • Guide students in their career plans, assist them in evaluating their options based on opportunities that exist and help them face their academic challenges.
  • Continued communication & networking between the students and the Role Models even after the programme.

Upcoming Events

After School Event for Girls

Date:4thOctober - 25th October, 2019
Venue: The Cedar Centre, Lagos Nigeria

We look forward to having you at the event